Data Visualization on Tablets

How do visualization techniques adapt to touch-based, cursor-less interfaces? Does touch input increase efficiency or affect how we understand data with visualizations?
In my doctoral work, I addressed these questions and others. My research resulted in Tangere, an application for visualizing and analyzing tabular datasets on hand-held touch-based devices.
The Tangere System
Building Tangere
I built the system in three phases, each attempting to answer a specific research question. These were:
  1. Can an interactive visualization technique be effectively adapted to tablets?
  2. How does the experience scale to other visualization techniques?
  3. How can advanced analytical capabilities of desktop-class visualization systems be replicated on tablets?
System Snapshots
The first visualization technique I added to the system was Scatterplot.
The technique supported a wide range of interactive operations such as selection, zooming, filtering, and viewing details-on-demand, among others.
The challenge here was designing the interactions for the operations. I prototyped a range of choices and evaluated them to identify the most appropriate option.
Subsequently I extended support for other techniques, including Barchart and Linechart.
I also added Parallel Coordinates, which introduced the complexity of an entirely different set of interactions and operations.
Multiple techniques could appear in a coordinated configuration and support brushing & linking.
I added support for the Clutch gesture to enable advanced selection modes on the techniques, such as add-to-selection and duplicate selection.
Generalized Selection was also introduced to enable queries of the form 'Select others like this'.
Finally, I instrumented methods to modify the layout of views added to the screen.
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